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Riccardo’s works are characterized by the emphasis on anatomical features of the human being…


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Riccardo’s works are characterized by the emphasis on anatomical features of the human being.

He focuses particularly on the lights and shadows that define the shapes, looking for a softness and depth of neoclassical sculpture. All this is superimposed on eccentric and colored background that alienate his works from traditional painting and bring them closer to a pop posterization.

It’s a distorted image processing between modernism and classicism which evolves into a still image, allowing the artist to create paintings with a strong visual impact.



2012 – MUSIC & ART, Dec 14th, with IAN PAICE (Deep Purple Drum player) Forlì, FC.

2013 – RICCARDO BUONAFEDE, Jul 26th, RADICI, Comacchio, FE.

2017 – RICCARDO BUONAFEDE, Sep 29th, SHINE, Ferrara, FE.


2012 – ART FESTIVAL, May 26th, Cesena, FC.

2012 – COLUMBUS SUMMER FEST, Jun 10th, Portomaggiore, FE.

2012 – INTERNATIONAL SURFING DAY, Jun 24th, Marina Romea, RA.

2013 – A WORK FOR FLORENCE, Jan 19th, Firenze, FI.

2013 – SANKA SANGO, Oct 25th, Palace Of Arts, Napoli, NA.

2015 – OGGI.RECUPERO.DOMANI, Oct 17th, MostraMiFactory, Milano, MI.

2018 – MOSTRA DEL PICCOLO FORMATO, Dec 16th, Up Urban Prospective Factory, Roma RM


2015 – FINALIST, Aug 22th, 59th edition Marina di Ravenna Prize, FaroArte Gallery, Marina di Ravenna (RA).

2017 – FIRST PLACE, Apr 11th, INTERNAZIONAL FESTIVAL , Internazionale, Ferrara, FE.

2017 – FINALIST, Jul 15th, Home Project – House of Memory, A. Gramsci Institute, Torino, TO.

2017 – FIRST PLACE, Dec 5th, MArteLive 5.0 – Biennial Festival, Roma, RM.

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